K2 two-pocket Note Sorter

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The K2 is a compact, easy to use, high-speed two-pocket sorter with counterfeit detection, internal memory and USB ports for data export.

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Designed for busy environments where efficiency and durability are critical, the K2 is ideal for any business wanting to process their cash quickly and accurately. The K2’s all-in-one modular sensors provide remarkable accuracy and counterfeit detection while the large hopper, 4.3″ touch screen, and intuitive user interface¬†ensure easy navigation and smooth operation.

  • 1,000-note capacity hopper, 200-note stacker and 50-note reject pocket.
  • Smart Detection Module with UV, MG, IR and CIS sensors for remarkable accuracy each pass
  • Counts, authenticates and sorts banknotes by denomination, orientation, facing and fitness.
  • Speed: up to 1,200 notes/min in value counting, 1,000 notes/min in fitness.
  • 4.3″ Touch Screen and intuitive user interface and simple navigation mode.
  • Able to connect to the Central Monitoring System and Cash Management Software.
  • All data collected by the K2 can be also saved on a USB stick and downloaded on any PC as a *text* file.

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Dimensions 27.0 × 26.5 × 26.3 cm