Counterfeit Detectors

Here at Metcash, with our Partner Offers, customers can access access preferred rates through Consillion on market-leading Counterfeit Detectors.

The recent influx of high-quality forged $50 and $100 banknotes highlights the importance for all businesses to protect themselves from counterfeit note.

The DORS50 is an affordable, quick, and effective way to validate banknotes at the point of sale; Just expose the note to the UV light and quickly check for fluorescence in the right spots.

Protect your business from coping the cost of counterfeit notes at an affordable price and for your own peace of mind.

Standard Functions Include:

  • Low cost protection from counterfeit notes.
  • Plug and play installation.
  • Easy to use – simply expose a banknote to the UV light for immediate authentication.
  • Accurate – the RBA uses fluorescent ink as a security feature. On the older series, when a genuine banknote is exposed to the UV light, its serial numbers glow and the patch showing the value of the banknote becomes distinctively visible. On the new NGB series, the serial number and year of print glow on one side, and a bird is visible on the other (see below examples).
  • Safe – Temperature protected to prevent overheating (OHSS).

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