PDA Hire

Metcash Retail Technology offers specialised advice, sales & after sales service at competitive rates to retailers.

Metcash has a long history of providing premium branded handheld devices with complimentary software which streamlines the interface between retailers, Metcash and the retailers POS. Motorola handheld devices are the market leader in quality PDA’s for the retail environment.

MRT offers specialised advice, sales and after sales service at competitive rates to Metcash retailers. These devices also come pre-loaded with Metcash Ordering software, however, they can be installed with your POS Vendors wireless software should you have the infrastructure in place.

Several features which make the MC32N0 the stand out as the best choice for Retailers

  • Available with an Imager, this model is the latest offering from Zebra Technologies and is able to scan 1D and 2D barcodes (Imager device only). 2D barcodes are likely to become more prevalent in Supermarkets in the future making this device superior in scanning technology to the old laser style PDA.
  • Wireless RF technology allowing you to transmit orders directly to the warehouse through your existing wireless network and broadband internet connection.
  • RF connectivity can also be used with several of the accredited scanning systems, allowing real time access to the data held in the Back Office computer
  • For stores without a wireless network, an ‘Ethernet converter’* can be attached to the charging cradle of the PDA, to transmit orders using your ADSL or Cable internet service.
  • Blue Tooth enabled allowing wireless connection to markdown printers (scanning system dependent).
  • Compatible with most accredited scanning systems for sending orders, label requests and stock takes to the Back Office computer via a serial cable.
  • Includes a high capacity battery allowing for longer usage times between recharging
  • Optional Service From the Start provides comprehensive protection against accidental damage and expensive fault repairs.